Miniseminar och mingel

Miniseminar & Networking Event

". . . the effects of climate on companies' operations are now so tangible and certain that the issue is best addressed with the tools of the strategist, not the philantropist." - Michael E. Porter & Forest L. Reinhardt, Harvard Business Review, Oct. 2007 issue, p. 22

Replanting a Rainforest - Roadmap to Sustainability

Open World Foundation, with the support of the Brazilian Embassy and the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm invite you to meet the Ambassador to Brazil, His Excellency Antonino Mena Gonçalves and Marcos Croce from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, São Paulo State, Brazil.

Open World Foundation is helping plant well over 1,000,000 (one million) native trees, beginning at Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, creating a multiplicating model. We invite you to participate and join us to experience a fully functional and sustainable 850 hectare coffee plantation built in 1850, where we are working to create a balance between the Community, our Environment and Business.

This project provides an attractive vehicle for GreenTech companies looking for local contacts, potential partners and customers, knowledge about the Brazilian market and visibility for their products and solutions. "Replanting a Rainforest - Roadmap to Sustainability" will provide these three elements for success.

Venue:       Open World Café & Gallery, Sätraängsvägen 134 (Edsviken), Danderyd (08 622 6703)

Date:          June 18, 2009

Program:   17.00 Welcome

                   18.00          Marcos Croce from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza

                   18.30          His Excellency the Ambassador to Brazil, Antonino Mena Gonçalves

                   18.45- 20.00 Mingle

Dress:        Casual

RSVP:        Please no later than June 15 to:, or +46 (0)70 880 3672

Marcos G. Croce is a passionate advocate of sustainability. Long-time supporter and active member of The Nature Conservancy in USA and SOS Mata Atlântica in Brazil, when Marcos' wife Silvia Barretto inherited her family's 850 hectare coffee plantation in 2001, there was no question about the direction their future would take.

Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza ( is today well on it's way to becoming a model of sustainability; award-winning organic coffee (SCAA Sustainability Award 2008), the creation of a 300 hectare preserve to secure and increase the area of existing Atlantic Rainforest (in cooperation with Open World Foundation), and hundreds of visitors from universities, institutions, businesses and interest groups worldwide to experience their work bear witness to their dedication and commitment.

Marcos was born in Brazil and is at home in São Paulo but has also lived in Germany, England and the USA, where he keeps residence since 1991. Marcos formed MCS Trading Brazil in 1984, eventually working with over 30 countries and including a wholesale and a retail division with 27 stores in Brazil. This company was sold in 1994. As a social entrepreneur, private equity investor and humanist, Marcos works to increase awareness on issues of organic farming, sustainability, and leadership.

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